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Placing takeaway order online is a common practice now and a number of third-party websites are providing such service to the restaurants and takeaways.Since online ordering is effortless and cost efficient, it has become one of the major revenue generating aspects of using ICT solutions in business. However, having own website with online ordering facility for individual restaurants and takeaways is not a common practice yet.

Silverdots, as a cutting-edge ICT solution provider, is offering to open the door of possibilities for restaurants owners by setting up individual website with online ordering facility for their very own restaurant or takeaway. The framework will include a complete website with shopping cart and options to add/edit/delete menus and website contents. It will also be compatible with Manage Connect software which will allow automatic printout of placed orders from a thermal printer sited within the restaurant (requires a computer and an internet connectivity).

The framework is also compatible with GPRS/SMS Printers that allow hassle free printout of orders directly from the website as they are placed and allow instant order confirmation with customers just with a press of a button.

One of the example website for Online Takeaway Ordering System is Saffron Indian Takeaway Swansea SA1 5SN.
This website is a very user friendly online takeaway ordering system where users can order their favourite takeaway food with ease. This website also provides all the information necessary for the business such as special offer, opening hours, contact, photo gallery and find us etc. pages.

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